Home world: Earth
Residence: Nishizawa Islands, The Ancient Caverns (formerly)
Status: Alive
Age: Unknown
Position: Protagonist
First Appearance: The Ultra-Fly Effect

The Start of a New War (First Physical Appearance)

Last Appearance: TBA
Height: Same as the average Deinosuchus
Weight: Same as the average Deinosuchus
Likes: helping out, saving the earth, hanging out with his friends, free submarines
Dislikes: having cameo appearances
Species: Deinosuchus
Family: TBA
Friends: Dororo, Jigglypuff
Enemies: Viper
Roar/Voice: {{{Roar/Voice}}}

Deino is a Deinosuchus who appeared in the first episode of the series. He's also the first character to be original to the series.



Deino's Design

Deino resembles a usual Deinosuchus, and is around the same size and weight. He has greenish-gray scales and jade green osteoderms. His teeth are yellowish-tan while his underbelly and lower sides are yellowish-gold. His tail is similar to those of modern crocs.