Home world: Earth
Residence: Nishizawa Islands
Status: Deceased
Age: Unknown
Position: Antagonist
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Height: 62 Meters
Weight: 100,000 tons
Likes: Conquering the Earth, Destroying Patchi and Tyrant
Dislikes: Plans being foiled
Species: Chimera
Family: None, created by accident
Friends: Viper, Alien Menjura
Enemies: Patchi, Tyrant, Bemstar, Gomora
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Jaborat (ジャボラート Jaborāto?), sometimes called Jaboart, is a chimera monster accidentally created by Patchi and Scowler. He is composed of Alien Menjura, Gan Q, and Bemstar.

Subtitle: Absorbing Combination Beast (吸収合併 - ジュ Kyūshū gappei - ju?)


Being a chimera, he is composed of three monsters; Alien Menjura, Gan Q, and Bemstar. Jaborat's body is actually Menjura's body, unchanged and unmodified. Like Menjura, he's armed with a connecting midsection the joins their bodies. But unlike Menjura, the midsection is Gan Q's eye, with Bemstar's head on top of it. True to its name, it can absorb beams and rays through its midpoint, a technique used by Gan Q and Bemstar.